3rd December 1973

The Birth of the DUA

Brian Hobley Appointment as CUA

From The London Archaeologist


Hobley New Head 1973


From Val Shortland


3rd December 2015

Just a five-man team to start with! It had definitely expanded by 76 when I started. I always found it interesting that Brian commuted from Coventry..seemed a long way to me..at the time..


40 Years On: Photograph Album

 40 Years On: The development of the Greater London Historic
Environment Record 

Peter James

 As many will know, the Historic Environment Records (HERs) which now serve the information needs of archaeologists, planners, and academic or amateur researchers across the UK are the successors to the ‘Sites and Monuments Records’ (SMRs) which local authorities first began to develop in the 1970s.In 1982 plans were drawn up and the foundations were laid to create such a record for London. 2022, then, marks the 40th anniversary of the Greater London SMR/HER.

Bonfire Nights at Trig Lane

1974 - 1981 - 1982

Thanks to Trevor Brigham for his amazing memory.


1974 - The Brian Hobley look alike competition.


1974 from Charlotte Harding


1974 from Charlotte Harding


1974 Photo from Charlotte Harding


1981 - Remembering the Blitz


Guy Fawkes Photo from Peter James


1981 Photo from Friederike Hammer


1981 Photo from Friederike Hammer


1982 Photo from Friederike Hammer


1982 - Celebrating the lifting of the Mary Rose, The Falklands and London Bridge burning.





Graham Troillet

Writer Archaeologist Coastal Ambassador

27th July 2014

Jon Price


Found your site through seeing postings on Pete Rowsomes Facebook page.

I worked for the DUA from 79-82. Well Court 79-80, Cannon Street 80, St Peters Hill 81-2, Bishopsgate 82.

Also drew a couple of cartoons for Radio Carbon, won the baloon debate, and was involved in the union. I dug out a few photos from that pre-digital age.

The first two b/w ones have Pete Rowsome, Pete Cardiff, Dominic Perring and John Maloney.

Visit to Crosswall 1


This was Well Court team 1979/80 on a visit to another site, but I can't recall which, could be John Maloney's Crosswall. The crane might be a giveaway?

Visit to Crosswall 2


The first colour photo has myself, Simon Grant, and Marie Nally on a St Peters Hill day out at Fishbourne Roman Palace.

Visit to Fishbourne


Last one is myself at St Peters Hill.

Jon on St. Peter's Hill site
PS. I was also on Bevis Marks...

Ian Betts Building Material Flyer and Leaflet


Building Material flier

Click here to download Ian's 4 page leaflet pdf

Into the Jaws of Death ... Walked One

Ivor Noël Hume

From LAMAS Special Paper No.2 1978 p.7-22
Collectanea Londiniensia

Studies in London archaeology and history presented to Ralph Merrifield


Kevin Flude and Derek Gadd Photos




London Archaeologist

 DUA Excavation Round-ups 1973 - 1991

in searchable PDF format

Courtesy of London Archaeologist

and Archaeology Data Service (ADS)

Mike Copper Gift Presentation


Photos from Rysz Bartkowiak


Mike Copper


Mike Copper


Mike Copper


Mike Copper


Mike Copper


Colleagues watching


Mike and the gift

Not Cricket

 City recorder from Ian

Left to right: Ian Blair, Mike Lee, Annie Upson, Clare Midgely, Friederike Hammer, Marietta Ryan and Monique - Photo from Ian Blair.


Julie Mark John Poker Night

Julie Flude, Mark Burch and John Burke-Easton - Photo from Alison Balfour-Lynn.


Mark Clare John Pub

It was a kind of sport - Clare Midgely, Mark Burch and John Burke-Easton - Photo from Alison Balfour-Lynn.


Mike playing pool

Mike Lee from Mike


Paul Tyers - pool teacher

Night at the Globe teaching Sue Pool - Duncan, Sue and Paul - Photo from Paul Tyers


Rysz after soft ball

Refreshment after a game of Softball in Regents Park - Photo from Rysz Bartkowiak


Patrick Allen at the DartboardOur Pat at the Dartboard - Photo from Friederike Hammer



The Globe Pub Sign

The famous Globe Public House - photo from Gill Scarlett (Craddock)