76–80 Newgate Street (former General Post Office; now
British Telecom Headquarters, 81, Newgate Street), EC1


Photographs from Friederike Hammer, Ken Dash, Charlotte Harding, Chrissie Milne, Lez Watson, Mike Lee, Jon Bailey, John Maloney and Ian Blair


KD661975/6 - Left to Right - Front - Dave Fine, Simon Scagell, Ken Dash, Standing - Right to Left - Barbie Scammell, Salvatore Garfi, ?, Caroline Grace, Alan Thompson (Supervisor), Merry Morgan-Meier, ?, Lez Watson, Andy Boddington, Nigel, Paul Herbert, Chrissie Milne, Harry. Photo from Ken Dash Photo Diary.



GpoGroupLWGPO75 - 1979 -Group Photo at the end of GPO75.
Front left to right - Annie Upson, Mike Lee, Jackie Harrison, Sandra Rose, Kevin Flude, Dave Stevens.
2nd row - Paul Herbert, ??, ??, Alison Balfour-Lynn, Marietta Ryan, Francis Pritchard, Ron Harris, Angela Simic, Simon Scagell. 3rd row - Gustav Milne, Chrissie Milne, Dave Bentley, Steve Roskams, Patrick Allen, John Schofield, Marie Barker, Lucy. 4th row - Hester White, Friederike Hammer, Mark Burch, Dominic Perring, Ian Blair. Wall on right: Kevin Flude, Peter Cardiff, Monique, Lez Watson, Clare Midgley, Julie Flude, ??. Photo taken by Jon Bailey from Lez Watson





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